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Learning the behavior of nature at the nanoscale


Program Summer 2018

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The unique behavior of small systems.

The Department of Chemisty, Physics & Engineering at Cameron University will host a high school summer science academy known as, "NanoExplorers: A High School Summer Science Academy".

The academy will be a six day residential academy where students will live at Cameron for the one week period.

The academy will be scheduled for June 3-9, 2018.

It will feature participation by 24 highly motivated and talented high school students who have completed their freshmen, sophomore or junior years in high school and are Oklahoma residents.

The academy will introduce students to those concepts necessary to understand why very small systems exhibit unique behavior.

Students will engage in hands-on activities designed to introduce the concepts of nanotechnology and related careers in both chemistry and physics.

Some of the activities in the academy include:

+ Construction of a solar cell,

+ Construction of a super conductor train,

+ Determination of the crystal structure of a chemical compound,

+ Construction of a conductivity device,

+ Activities in robotics,

+ Amusement park physics which will include a trip to Frontier City in Oklahoma City.

Participation in the academy is free to Oklahoma Residents and is supported through a grant from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.


Richard Feyman's Lecture "There is plenty of room at the bottom".

The discovery of Carbon-60, the most beautiful molecule.